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Salim   Damji
“You will learn in life that the only person who is important and worth looking after is YOURSELF. There are no such things as friends” Salim Damji
“$XXXXX is all you could do to help out a friend?” Salim Damji “You want to be a friend right? could you help me out with some more?” Salim Damji “Honestly bro, im trying to get my money to canada. ive got to pay the lawyer some money up front to do the transfer for me. im 1400 short. if you do help me out, i will return the favor 5x (ten grand)” Salim Damji “look, if you dont believe me, i will send my girl. so you know its going straight to good hands. honestly, shes on the up and up. she doesnt know of the other things ive done - she would kill me if she knew. but im really in a bind here and we are trying to get my money over. if you dont trust me, trust her (if you want me to send her). just dont talk to her about me.” Salim Damji “I was asked by CBC Venture to do another interview about a year ago. I've been asked by literacy agents to maybe do a book. I was approached by a person from Phoenix Arizona for a potential movie deal. I did't think the timing was right. I may now consider doing an interview depending on who it is with.” Salim Damji
Salim Damji
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